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Five course menu for one 54€

Ten course shared tasting menu for two 99e

Kohlrabi, Preserved Lemon Mayo and Pickled Rose Pepper

Feta Mousseline, Tabouleh, Tomatoes, Olive and Onion


Roast Beetroot, Cucumber Labneh, Caviar and Pickled Mustard Seed

Broccolini, Pistou, White Bean, Hollandaise and Pistachio



Tamarind Papaya Salad, Honey Pomelo and Peanut

Bao Bun, Fava Bean, Spring Onion, Daikon and Miso Mayo



Roast Fennel, Fermented Aubergine, Kale Tapenade and Chickpea Puree

Paella with Seaweed, Preserved Garlic, Radish and Cha Phu Leaf



Rhubarb Pannacota with Oat and Amarantti

White Chocolate and Blueberry Raw Cake

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